Pelicam Talks or how to become engaged citizens from spectators


The screenings continue even after the end credits of the movies with relevant debates. Pelicam Talks is the umbrella under which we have gathered five discussions based on themes addressed by films in the competition.

The topics of this year talks are: fashion industry, land grabbing, nuclear energy, urban ecology and coal mining. All are addressed by some of the documentaries from the 2016 Pelicam program and they will be discussed with directors, producers and protagonists of the films, but also with Romanian guests that will contextualize these issues at a local level.

The fashion industry is the focus at Pelicam 2016 given the four documentaries in the selection of Pelicam 2016: The True Cost (Andrew Morgan, 2015, USA), Jungle Sisters (Chloe Ruthven, 2015, India/UK), Out of Fashion (Jaak Kilmi, Lennart Labarenz, 2015, Estonia) and Inside Fur (Ola Waagen, 2014, Norway). The speakers of the debate are:

*Lucy Siegle, producer of The Trues Cost, journalist at The Guardian

*Reet Aus, fashion designer, protagonist of Out of Fashion

*Laura Ștefănuț, journalist, reporter of the investigation ‘Made in Europe’

*Ioana Ciolacu, Romanian fashion designer


Land grabbing of agricultural fields is the theme of the documentary Land Grabbing (Kurt Langbein, 2015, Germany) which will be screened in the official competition for the first time in Romania. The guests are:

*Kurt Langbein, the director of the documentary

*Attila Szocs, campaigner for right to land, Eco-Ruralis

Nuclear energy, trending or failing? Starting from the film Babushkas of Chernobyl (Holly Morris, Anne Bogart, 2015, Ukraine/USA) we will be discussing the energetic future of Europe and Romania with:

*Holly Morris, the director of the film

*Lavinia Andrei, the president of Terra Millennium III Foundation, activist against nuclear energy


Urban ecology is an increasingly important issue considering that more than half of the world’s population lives in cities. Urban Tides (Simone Eleveld, 2015, Netherlands) shows how to build in harmony with nature in the middle of the metropolis. The film screened in Fresh Perspectives section will be followed by a debate with the following guests:

*Simone Eleveld, the director of the film

*Cynthia Mooij, the initiator of De Ceuvel project in Amsterdam

*Ștefan Ghenciulescu, architect, editor-in-chief of Zeppelin


Coal mining is still a major concern worldwide while renewable energies are slowly pushing through. How is the everyday life of people working in the industry? Based on the documentary Behemoth (Zhao Liang, 2015, China) we will discuss the future of coal with:

*Ionuț Cepraga, campaigns coordinator Greenpeace

*Andreea Pocotilă, journalist


The Pelicam Talks will be moderated by Andra Matzal, journalist. Currently editor for the cultural magazine Scena9, Andra has over 10 years of experience in cultural media, and is back for a second year at Pelicam, this time as a moderator.