Romanian documentary and a jury of Tulcea teenagers, at Pelicam 2016

Som Pastor afis

Children and teenagers from Tulcea are, this year too, a focus for Pelicam. Five youngsters from Tulcea, coordinated by film critic Ileana Bîrsan will be the jury for Fresh Perspectives at Pelicam 2016, and the kids will be spoiled with a very unique concert of a Belgian fanfare, but also with a ‘journey’ through cosmos, guided by the Astronomical Observatory in Bucharest.

Fresh Perspectives section is back this year with a selection of films that unpack the reality around us and assemble it in more environmentally friendly perspective. The selected documentaries will be screened in national premiere:

Urban Tides (Simone Eleveld, 2015, Netherlands) shows us how a shipyard can be turned into a community space where everyone can learn to live in harmony with nature. The director Simone Eleveld and the initiator of the project De Ceuvel, Cynthia Mooij will be joining us at Pelicam for the screening of their film.

Poverty, Inc. (Michael Matheson Miller, 2015, USA) shows how humanitarian aid in Africa has turned into a billion dollar business who buries the African people deeper in poverty and dependence on charity.

March of the White Elephants (Craig Tanner, 2015, Brazil/USA/South Africa) dismantles the widespread idea that organizing the World Cup offers benefits to host countries. Instead, it demonstrates that FIFA is a modern day parasite abusing football loving countries.

Digital Food (Martijn Kieft, 2015, Netherlands) is trying to find out how will the food of the future look like, as we approach the end of fossil fuels on which our food depend.

Also, Fresh Perspectives competition comprises one of the documentaries in Focus Pelicam 2016 on the fashion industry. Out of Fashion (Jaak Kilmi, Lennart Labarenz, 2015, Estonia) follows the path of designer Reet Aus that has an ambitious plan to change the vision of the fashion industry. Reet will be joining us at Pelicam.

Fresh Perspectives competition will be judged by five teenagers from Tulcea, coordinated by Ileana Bîrsan, film journalist and critic, currently the initiator of courses and workshops of cinema education for students.

The short documentaries competition includes this year a selection of nine films from eight countries, from France to Brazil. Among them is the only Romanian documentary from Pelicam competitions of 2016 – The Sense Keepers -, film screened in world premiere. Also in the competition of shorts Som Pastor (Borja Calvo, 2015, Spain) will be screened, in the presence of its director.

The short films jury includes:

Heinz Hermanns is the founder of the short films festival Interfilm, Berlin. He is also a co-founder and director of the short films festival Going Underground, which takes place in Berlin subways, and, from 2011, also in the subways of Seoul, South Korea.

Luiza Vasiliu is a journalist, editor in chief of the cultural magazine Scena9.

Séverine Lenglet is a French filmmaker, based in Berlin. She is coordinating trans-European projects, with a focus on social issues related to migration, diversity and democracy.

Special program for children

Children are again our at the fifth edition of Pelicam. The first two days of the festival, 16 and 17 June are devoted to them. Thursday, 16 June, we start the festival with screenings for children, but also a surprise for them coming all the way from Belgium. Le Jouet Musical is a unique fanfare, made of five young musicians who use toy instruments, such as trumpets, toy pianos, mini-guitars, bike bells, cow or duck sounds to reinterpret jazz, folk and even rock songs.

With the help of our friends from the Astronomical Observatory Amiral Vasile Urseanu of Bucharest, Friday morning we will take the little ones to a virtual walk. After a tour of the visible sky on Earth, we go to the moon. The students will make a journey against time, among planets and their moons, after which they will get to the edge of the solar system. The presentation takes place on Friday, 17 June at Jean Bart Theatre in Tulcea.