Sports, history, seashore and open-air at Pelicam 2016


Pelicam 2016 starts running with a film – a document on the evolution of running from a sport practiced exclusively by men on a stadium to a universal expression of freedom and passion. Since sport and nature go hand in hand, this year we go out of the cinema halls for a run in Tulcea. This year’s surprises continue with a special screening of a Romanian film, a journey on foot filmed on the seashore.

Free to Run (Pierre Morath, 2015, France/Switzerland/Belgium) is the documentary that will open the fifth edition of Pelicam – the International Film Festival on Environment and People. From the streets of New York to the routes in the Alps, from Sao Paolo to Paris, Beijing or Sydney, male and female, champions and ordinary people, millions run every year. Yet, only 50 years ago, this activity was reserved only to men and confined to stadiums, with sexist and backward rules. For the first time, Free to Run tells the story of the evolution of running – a militant and marginal act that became a universal passion.

The documentary shows, at the same time, how modern sport made people to forget the origins of running. Free to Run sends a message to all those who have forgotten the simplicity of sport. Even if it became a mass sport, running is still linked to nature, to any path in the woods and any unpaved road. Even if it became an industry, sport can still be the expression of freedom in its purest form.

The film will be screened in the presence of one of the documentary’s protagonists, Noël Tamini, sports columnist, founder of the magazine Spiridon, known by all runners in the 1970s as an advocate for free spirits in sport. The 79 year old Swiss who now divides his life between Ethiopia and Maramureș will answer questions from the audience after the screening of Free to Run. The film will be screened simultaneously in the Civic Square in Tulcea.

To share the joy of an act so simple, but with a history so complicated, Pelicam challenges its audiences and guests to a run outdoors. Saturday, 18 June, starting with 9 AM, we are out jogging around the lake Ciuperca in Tulcea. Without registration, without shirt numbers or trophies, but with a childlike joy of a run.

Lake Ciuperca is, this year, the host of Cinemobilul.  Cinemobilul comes from Cluj, especially for Pelicam, parking in the festival camping and waiting the people for a film screening. Pelicam camping becomes a new space for screenings, an outdoor one, open for all. The selection of films includes documentaries on environment and people in national premiere.

Strolling, from the seashore to Tulcea

The documentary filmmaker Vlad Petri and the journalist Vlad Ursulean took their backpacks and started out on foot from Sulina to Vama Veche to see ‘how the earth meets the sea, the line that attracts and inspires people, helping them to find themselves or get drunk’. The adventure took place in June 2015 and was documented in writing and on video. A year later, we see the film of the expedition – Strolling on the Seashore – and we will sit down with Vlad & Vlad in a special screening out of competition at Pelicam 2016. The event will take place on Saturday, 18 June, from 11 AM at ArtCafe, Avramide house in Tulcea.

Pelicam is organized by Les Herbes Folles Association, with the support of National Film Center, the Municipality of Tulcea, Romanian Filmmakers Union, Romanian Cultural Institute, the Embassy of Switzerland in Romania and Goethe Institute Bucharest.