Tomorrow begins the sixth edition of Pelicam, the International Film Festival on the Environment and People


The sixth edition of Pelicam begins tomorrow in Tulcea with a day full of children’s screenings. On Friday the movies scheduled are for teenagers, and on Saturday and Sunday we see and debate the films from all four Pelicam competitions. We will meet at Jean Bart Cultural Center, the Museum of Art, the Pelicam Camping on the shores of Lake Ciuperca, but also in a new location, the Danube waterfront in Tulcea, where we are showing films every evening.

On Thursday, 8 June, we prepare the red carpet for the little ones. One of the films in the children’s program is The Red Turtle / La Tortue Rouge (Michael Dudok de Wit, France / Belgium / Japan, 2016), nominated for an Oscar for Best Animation, in 2016. Through the history of a shipwreck on a tropical island inhabited by turtles, crabs and birds, The Red Turtle passes through all the major stages of a human being’s life. Recommendation: Children over 7 years old and adolescents.

Friday, 9 June, is dedicated to teenagers. One of the films prepared for them – but not only – is The Odyssey / L’Odyssee (Jérôme Salle, France, 2016), an artistic film featuring 30 years (1949-1979) of the life of Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the famous scientist, explorer, inventor and filmmaker. Recommendation: Children 10 to 18 years old.

On Saturday, 10 June, a full day of films from all four Pelicam competitions awaits us: features, Black Sea Docs, Fresh Perspectives and short films. We end the day with an outdoor screening at Pelicam Camping: Landfill Harmonic (Brad Allgood & Graham Townsley & Juliana Penaranda-Loftus, Paraguay / Norway / Brazil / USA, 2015), the winner of the Green Film Network, the network for environmental film festivals, including Pelicam. The film tells the story of an orchestra of children singing only on recycled instruments from garbage.

On Sunday, 11 June we start out with screenings in the morning and we find the winners of the sixth Pelicam edition in the evening. At the end of the ceremony we enjoy a beautiful film: In Pursuit of Silence (Patrick Shen, USA / Belgium / China / Germany, 2015), a meditative documentary about our relationship with silence and the impact of noise on our lives.

The full programme can be accessed here. 

Other Pelicam events 

Pelicam Talks: Five Debates on Solidarity & Social Economy, Exploitation of Resources, Renewable Energy, Bioenergy and Recycling. The discussions are inspired by the themes of the films in the program and are moderated by Andra Matzal, editor of the Scena9 cultural publication. Guests for the discussions include directors, producers or protagonists of films, as well as Romanian ecologists who will frame the issues in a Romanian context.

Photo exhibitions: Petru Călinescu, Vlad Bâscă, George Popescu and Alex Tomazatos return to Tulcea with a series of photos about the relationship between people and the environment as it is in the Danube Delta. The exhibition can be seen throughout the festival at the Avramide House. Mihai Stoica brings Colombia to Tulcea through a series of photos of expanding palm plantations that lead to deforestation and people forced relocation. The exhibition can be seen throughout the festival at the Jean Bart Cultural Center.

Radio Journalism Workshop: 10 students, graduates and young journalists document for a week an environmental theme in the Danube Delta coordinated by Julien Trambouze and Nicolas Corradi of Radio France. On Sunday, at the festival, we listen to what the participants did at the workshop.

UBB Pitching Session: The students of the Theater and Film Faculty of Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, coordinated by Dan Curean, will come to Pelicam to present their film projects. The students of the Documentary Filmmaking Master, a new section set up in autumn 2015, will present their projects in the development phase. At Avramide House, in the presence of the jury: Dan Draghicescu – producer and creative director at Bucharest International Film Festival – and Krini Karifis – media researcher, professor and activist.

Workshop for Children Let’s Restore the World!: The little ones are invited to a drawing workshop about the world. We take it, modify it as we want and redraw it to our liking. With the help of Amandine Bănescu, illustrator.

Concert: We celebrate the movie and the environment with music. On Sunday evening we end the sixth edition of the festival with Partizan at the Avramide House. We sing and dance with our guests and the audience in Tulcea from 22 o’clock.

First class guests 

Our special guests this year are the Yes Men activists, the satire and parody duo that puts into a corner all the governments and corporations of the world that are not good with the environment and people. They are part of the jury of the main competition alongside the artist Ion Barbu from Petrila, the protagonist of the Petrila Planet. This year’s edition of the jury includes: Monica Lazurean-Gorgan – director, Carlos Teofilo – artistic director of the Cine’eco film festival in Portugal, Florin Stoican – from Vacaresti Natural Park, Elena Calistru – Funky Citizens, Alex Baciu – screenwriter, Edward Cook –director.

The entrance to the screenings and the events of the Pelicam festival is free of charge.