Workshops on Film Creation and Green Films at Pelicam


Pelicam, The International Film Festival about Environment and People, brings in Tulcea, in addition to memorable documentaries, workshops dedicated to film lovers, nature, or both of them together. Pelicam becomes a space of expression and creation for young directors, a green lesson for film industry and a “school ” for young people in Tulcea who want to pass from the chair of the spectator into that of a director.

Director and producer Thomas Ciulei will come to Pelicam International Film Festival on Environment and People where he will lead on 14 and 15 June a workshop of creation dedicated to documentary film authors. The creation workshop for documentaries recommended by Hotnews, addresses to those who have already made a documentary or a documentary photography project and working on a new project. Participants are invited to discuss the subject in the documentary approach and the construction of perspectives ready to put in practice.

“The goal of the workshop is for each participant to go home with the feeling that they have managed to position themselves personally to the plot and that a thorough analysis of reality means to always be subjective,” says director Thomas Ciulei. Registrations for this workshop  are made at [email protected] specifying the name of the workshop.

Dutch Green Film Making Project will be present at Pelicam on 14 and 15 June, when they hold a unique workshop on how to make a movie as “green” as possible, with a low environmental impact. Pelicam aims therefore to promote responsible practices among professionals in the film industry. The workshop  will be coordinated by Dorien Grötzinger, Event Producer for The Green Film Making Project, and Brechtje Smidt, CEO/Director at Deepeei Film Productions in the Netherlands. Deepeei has already done two films in a sustainable way, Balance and Going South. The workshop is open to all those interested in green film production, announcing their participation at [email protected] specifying the name of the workshop. The workshop is made ​​possible by the Netherlands Embassy.

Vira Association will also hold a workshop in the frame of Pelicam International Film Festival about Environment and People, this time dedicated to young people of Tulcea who want to become familiar with the techniques of documentary filmmaking. Students will experience practical sessions and will make a short documentary film at the end of the workshop which lasts from 9 to 14 June.

The film offer is rich in documentaries that tell impressive stories about the lives of people in the environment to which they are connected. Il était une forêt/Once Upon a Forest, the film of the French director Luc Jacquet who received an Oscar for La Marche de l’ Empereur / March of the Penguins, will be screened in the frame of Pelicam as a national premiere. The documentary gives us a peek into the heart of tropical forests. The director has used drones to capture stunning images of the forest life explained by the botanist Francis Hall. Also, Pelicam viewers can watch a retrospective of Luc Jacquet’s films.

Au Bord du Monde will also be screened in Tulcea, in the presence of director Claus Drexel, who spent a year with the homeless people in Paris, trying to give them a voice and trying to find out what they think about the world and about life. The result is an impressive story about these omnipresent but invisible ” ghosts “. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013.

Music will not miss from so many workshops and films. Baba Zula is the band that will open the Pelicam festival. They come from Istanbul and we can listen to them in Tulcea with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute.

Pelicam International Film Festival is organized by the Association Les Herbes Folles, with primary sponsorship from ApaNova Bucharestand and with the support of BRD, the National Film Center, the Municipality of Tulcea, the Administration of the National Cultural Fund  and the Romanian Cultural Institute. Institutional partners: Netherlands Embassy, U.S. Embassy, Swiss Embassy, Goethe Institute and the French Institute in Bucharest.