People’s Climate Case is the litigation action initiated by 10 families from Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Romania, Kenya, Fiji, and the Saami Youth Association Sáminuorra. Their homes, livelihoods, traditional family occupation and culture are affected by climate change and they are taking the EU institutions to court to protect their fundamental rights and to prevent dangerous climate change. The plaintiffs are accompanied by a broad range of NGOs, scientists and citizens who firmly believe that the EU can and must be more ambitious regarding its 2030 climate target. They believe that a more ambitious EU 2030 climate target will also help the global community to keep within the range of the Paris Agreement’s long term temperature goal and thus towards meeting the objective to keep temperature rise within globally “safe limits”.

If you want to support their case, you can sign the petition which can be found on the website

At Pelicam, there will be a screening of a film discussing this action and the specific cases on 24 June, at 11.00, at Avramide House. The screening will be followed by a discussion with Mihai Stoica (executive director) and Raul Cazan (editor in chief) from 2Celsius Network, one of the NGOs taking supporting People’s Climate Case.