Best Feature Documentary

1000 Eur
Oferit de Primăria Municipiului Tulcea

Audience Award

500 Eur
Tambien la lluvia

Documentary Features

Mihai Chirilov

In 2002, together with the director Tudor Giurgiu – he founded the Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF), the most well known film festival in Romania and one of the most important in Eastern Europe. He founded the monthly magazine of alternative culture Re: publik – the only publication about film, music & urban culture in Romania during 2005-2008. He gave lectures on Romanian film in Barcelona, London, New York, etc., and curated almost all editions of “British Film Days” in Bucharest.

Teia Gavrilescu

Teia Gavrilescu graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies, with a diploma in Banking. She volunteered for 7 years for the largest international student association, working in countries such as Germany, Belgium and Costa Rica. He developed a series of ecological projects in a multinational bank, both at the global headquarters and in Romania, where she started the sustainable development department. Delighted that she can contribute at national level to the sustainable development strategy, she joined the Ministry of Environment, but after a few months she returned to the association she founded in 2006, together with two friends. Since then she has dedicated herself to ViitorPlus projects in areas such as refforestation, recycling, renewable energy, environmental education, sustainable production and consumption, etc.

Mugur Pop

He is the technical director of the National Equestrian Tourism Committee.

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