Best Pelicam Feature

1.500 Eur
Offered by de Tulcea Town Hall
Good Things Await

Black Sea Docs Award

Post production services worth 3.000 Eur (Cinelab)
Oferit de Cinelab România
Tristia: A Black Sea Odyssey

Best Pelicam Short

500 Eur
Offered by The National Center of Cinematography
Silent River

Fresh Perspectives Award

500 Eur
Offered by ViaSat
Seeds Of Time


André Abreu de Almeida

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, André studied Social Philosophy and Communication, with a specialization in International Relations and Economic Development at the Sorbonne in Paris. He has over 10 years of experience in international cooperation on environmental issues. In 2003 he joined France Libertés Foundation in Paris, a position that allowed him to participate in the Human Rights Council of the UN. In 2009 he joined the international organization Tara Oceans, coordinating international politics.



Dacian Cioloș

Dacian Cioloș was a Commissioner for Agriculture between February 2010 and November 2014, in the European Commission headed by Jose Manuel Barroso. Trained as an agricultural engineer, Cioloș has graduated from the Horticulture faculty at the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Cluj. He has a PhD in economics of agricultural development from University of Montpellier. As a European Commissioner for Agriculture, he contributed to adapting CAP (Common Agricultural Policy).

dacian ciolos_pelicam_2015_jpg

Farida Pacha

Farida Pacha is a director, producer and writer, a master graduate of film production from Southern Illinois University, after which she made several experimental, educational and documentary films. Her film Seedkeeepers won Indian National film Award in 2006. My Name is Salt is her first feature documentary that won numerous awards, including First Appearance Award at IDFA 2013, Amsterdam and the Grand Prix Pelicam 2014, Tulcea.


Black Sea Docs

Peter O'Brien

Peter is currently a member of the Board of Administration of the Environmental Film Festival in Washington DC, United States. For years, he was an executive director of the forementioned festival which is a member of Green Film Network and an international renowned landmark for the domain. This festival was founded in the year 1993, and this year presented 150 films to an audience of approximately 33 000 people. Peter will be a member of the jury for Black Sea Docs, at Pelicam 2015.


Petruț Călinescu

Petruț Călinescu is a a freelance photographer based in Bucharest. His latest completed project, Pride and Concrete, had started in 2010. After four years of documentation, it came to an end, with a printed book, website and a travelling photo exhibition. The Black Sea project is still ongoing. Petruț is travelling around the Black Sea and keeps adding new stories mainly about the mass tourism and its effects. His reportages have been published by: Sunday Times Magazine, Business Week, The New Statesman, 6 Mois, New York Times, Vice international.


Dan Curean

Dan Curean is a TV producer and film director. He works for National Television, in Cluj. He is specialized in documentary production, having been selected to the most important training programs in Europe (Aristoteles Workshop 2006 and Discovery Campus Masterschool 2008). He teaches at Theater and TV Faculty at UBB Cluj. His film Gone Wild  (2012) was screened at the first Pelicam edition and this year at the Environmental Film Festival in Washington DC.


Shorts Competition

Alex Găvan

A leading Romanian high altitude climber, Alex Găvan reached six 8000 m summits in the Himalayas by fair means, meaning without supplemental oxygen and high-altitude porters. To Alex, “climbing mountains outside is climbing mountains inside“.  After surviving the earthquake and the Everest avalanche on April 25, he initiated “Joy for Nepal”, a humanitarian campaign for the people of the Himalayas: www.alexgavan.ro/nepal . He is also deeply involved in many environmental issues.

Alex Gavan_Pelicam_2015

Andra Matzal

Andra Matzal is a coordinating editor for Think Outside the Box, the most relevant independent online publication in Romania. Andra has experience in cultural journalism, and also as a translator. As a journalist, she mainly addressed the stories of “invisible” people: prisoners, poor children, drug addicts and so on. After moving to the countryside and beginning to live in the rhythm of nature, Andra wrote about her experience.


Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson is a director, journalist and DJ. He comes from England and has studied politics, philosophy and economics at Oxford. Tom moved in Romania in 2002. He won the Gopo award 2014 for his film The Bucharest Experiment.


Fresh Perspectives

Ovidiu Bălan

Ana Maria Cozlov

Clara Dinu

Anton Mocanu

Andreea Nicolau

Tică Darie

Tică Darie is a young activist who moved to Roșia Montană to fully dedicate himself to the local cause. He did a bike trip from Denmark, where he finished his studies, to Roșia Montană, in order to draw attention on the dangers faced by the environment and people of Roșia Montană, and, more recently, he launched an online shop with products knitted by local women.


Willem Baptist

Willem Baptist (1979) is a filmmaker based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. His work  has been screened in competition at numerous prestigious international film festivals such as IDFA, HotDocs, Rotterdam IFFR, Toronto TIFF, Karlovy Vary. His latest documentary,Wild Boar (2013) was shortlist nominated for a Golden Calf at the Netherlands Film Festival and prize winning at the Visions Du Réel festival in Switzerland.


Evan Carpenter

Evan is co-producer of the film White Earth directed by J. Christian Jensen, presented in the short film competition at Pelicam 2015. White Earth has been selected in numerous festivals worldwide and was nominated for Best Short Film at Oscars 2015.

Nocem Collado

Born in Granada, Spain, Nocem Collado debuted in documentary filmmaking with Cartography of Loneliness (Cartografía de la soledad) that addressed the loneliness and terrible sadness experienced by three women from India, Nepal and Fghanistan, who were abandoned by their husbands. She is coming to Pelicam this year to present Women and Water (La mujer y el agua), a winning film of Green Film Network 2015 award for best environmental documentary.


Bingol Elmas

Bingol Elmas graduated from the Radio, Television and Cinema department of Marmara University Faculty of Communication. She worked as a reporter at various national television channels between 1998 and 2001 as well as director’s assistant in TV programmers. Also she worked at The Association of Documentary Filmmakers in Turkey (BSB) for 8 years which is the only professional union in the field of documentary. She works in the Asmin Film Company as a director, producer and scriptwriter.

Gerd Haag

Gerd Haag is film producer, from the TAG/TRAUM Filmproduktion Koln production company in Germany. He is the producer for “Tristia: The Black Sea Odyssey” (Germany, 2014) and will come to Tulcea for the screening of his documentary.

Benjamin Hennot

Born in Belgium, Benjamin Hennot directed in 2013 the documentary The Narrow Jungle (La jungle étroite) which follows the life of a former trade unionist, as he cares for an experimental garden, for the association Fraternités ouvrières, in the francophone town of Mouscron, Belgium. The film was present at various international festivals, and it will be screened in Fresh Perspectives at Pelicam.

Arnaud & Ronan Kerneur

Arnaud and Ronan are two French brothers working together in documentary film. Ronan directs, supported by Arnaud who also coordinates production at their production company, Tropos Films. Their first project was Chronicle of a Defeat (Chronique d’une défaite) in 2012. The two brothers are coming to Pelicam to present their film The Experience Cecosesola (L’expérience Cecosesola) which competes in Fresh Perspectives 2015. The film presents an example of a successful cooperative in Venezuela.

Eliza Kubarska

Born in 1978 at Lodz, Poland, Eliza Kubarska is a documentary filmmaker, artist and sculptor. She is also a climber, considered one of the few women in the world to open new routes. She is currently working on her last film, K2 Touching the Sky. She is coming to Pelicam for the screening of her film, Walking Under Water, presented in the main competition. The film won the special Jury Prize at the festival Hot Docs, Canada.

Dominique Marchais

French director, he comes for the first time at Pelicam on the occasion of the retrospective devoted to his work as a documentary filmmaker. Praised in 2003 for his short, Lenz échappé, he has made, since then, two documentaries highly reccommended and awarded, Time of the Gifts (Le temps des graces, 2010) and Ridgeline (La ligne de partage des eaux, 2014). The second film will be screened for the first time in Romania.

Niels Stokholm

Niels Stokholm is one of the most idealistic farmers in Denmark. He runs the biodynamic farm with his wife, Rita, and from their farm, Thorshøjgaard, they distribute products to some of the best restaurants in the world. But not everyone is equally fond of Thorshøjgaard and their holistic methods. Authorities and bureaucracy threaten to close down the farm. He is the hero of the film “Good things await”.

Adrien Zerbini

Animator and journalist for RTS (Radio Télévision Suisse), and an independent producer, Adrien Zerbini knows Romania well, having made various radio materials on the Danube Delta and local environmental issues. He specializes in environmental journalism. At Pelicam he will make a one hour live broadcast, on the 13th of June for the well-known environmental programme Prise de terre, conducted by journalist Lucille Solari.

Ildikó Zonda Plájás

Ildikó Zonda Plájás studied Anthropology and Cultural Studies in Romania and Hungary, later graduating in Visual Ethnography at Leiden University. Swamp Dialogues is her first anthropological film.