Best Pelicam Feature

2.000 Eur
Offered by de Tulcea Town Hall

Black Sea Docs Award

Post production services worth 3.000 Eur (Cinelab)
Oferit de Cinelab România

Best Pelicam Short

500 Eur
Offered by The National Center of Cinematography
The Ashes Remain Warm

Fresh Perspectives Award

500 Eur
Offered by Fundația pentru Parteneriat
Little Yellow Boots


Sven Egenter

He is Editor in Chief and Executive Director for Clean Energy Wire. He worked for 12 years with Reuters, managing Reuters’ editorial operation in Switzerland in 2010. Before his career as a journalist, he worked for the EXPO2000 World Exhibition in Hannover. He taught journalism at Kingston University and holds a MS in Journalism from Boston University and a degree in economics from the University of Münster.

Oksana Sarkisova

She is Research Fellow at Blinken OSA Archive at Central European University, Director of Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, and co-founder of Visual Studies Platform at CEU. She participated as tutor in the workshops Cinema Without Borders and Summer School on Cinema and Human Rights; she also served as Jury member at International Film Festivals in Zagreb, Warsaw, Tbilisi, and Venice.

Andrei Ujică

He is a writer and director, known for The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceaușescu (2010), Videogramme einer Revolution (1992) and Out of the Present (1999). In 2001, Ujică became a professor for film at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design. He founded the ZKM Film Institute in 2002 and is its director.

Fresh Perspectives

Maria Barbu

She coordinated this year’s Film section for the Spiru Haret High School magazine Aspirații literare. She wants to meet devoted filmmakers and learn something from their vast experience.

Mădălina Hizanu

Passionate about cinema, social emancipation and an experienced Pelicam volunteer, Mădălina wants to contribute to promoting the message and vision that Pelicam festival conveys to the public.

Teodora Lovin

Winning the first prize at the Proscenium national contest, the Cinema Journalism category, was the moment she realized this was her way: cinema. She wants to experience being part of the Fresh Perspectives jury because she sees it as an important step at the beginning of her career.

Iuliana Radu

She is an animated spirit, passionate about visual arts and alternative culture. She believes that environmental cinema is modestly valued in our country and wants to contribute to its promotion.


Mihaela Tărcatu

Fascinată de mic copil de lumea filmului, dorește să se implice în toate proiectele care vizează protejarea mediului pentru un prezent și un viitor mai curat și mai sănătos.

Vlad Petri

Vlad is a Romanian director and photographer. He graduated the National University of Film and Theatre in Bucharest, with a degree in Film Cinematography,and a master in Visual and Media Anthropology at Freie Universitaet, Berlin. He worked as freelancer in various documentary projects in countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Jordan, Tadjikistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Albania. In 2012 he documented the anti-government protests in University Square and in 2013 those against mining in Roşia Montană; in 2014 he made his first feature documentary Where Are You Bucharest? about the 2012 protests, the film premiering at Rotterdam Film Festival and winning a Gopo Award for Debut.

Black Sea Docs

Andrei Dăscălescu

Born in Piatra Neamț, Andrei Dăscălescu graduated from the National University of Cinema and Theatre in Bucharest, with a degree in Multimedia: Sound Editing. He worked as an editor and sound  designer on numerous films, including Youth without a Youth, directed by Francis Ford Coppola. He produced and directed Fly, a two-minute short film, selected in 12 international festivals and winner of two awards. He created and organized the Filmul de Piatră Film Festival. His most recent documentary Petrila Planet has won the Black Sea Docs Award last year.

Nicolas Guignard

Nicolas is the founder and the director of Green Film Festival, a festival that has taken place in 60 locations in Switzerland and France.

Erika Stanciu

Erika has graduated from from the Faculty of Forestry and Forest Exploitation in Brașov. She worked at Retezat National Park Administration, the first national park administration in Romania. Since 2003, she continued her activity in the realm of preserving nature with WWF, the programme Danube-Carpathians, NGO Natura 2000 and ProPark, the Foundation for Protected Areas, initiating the first professional programmes in the field of protected areas. Between December 2015 and January 2017 she was a secretary of state for forests at the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests.

Shorts Competition

Vincent Marti

Vincent is head of marketing for the prestigious company Sophie Dulac Distribution. He is also a film programmer for Champs-Élysées Film Festival. He studied film distribution at the famous Le Fèmis and has worked in this area of expertise.

Boglárka Nagy

Boglárka Nagy studied cinema, educational and cultural project management, as well as art-house cinema management. She’s been writing film criticism, studies and interviews for Filmtett and Istoria filmului, but also for other cinema-related publications for over a decade. She is the programmer of Elvire Popesco Cinema in Bucharest and works on the film projects of the Institut Français in Romania. As a collaborator of film festivals she worked on selections (mainly documentaries for One World Romania and Doc’est), but also on film education projects and moderating debates. Since 2016 she is a member of the Europa Cinemas validation committee.

Paul Radu

Paul is the executive director for Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting  Project (OCCRP) and a member of International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). He was a holder of Alfred Friendly Press Fellowship (2001), Milena Jesenska Press Fellowship (2002), Knight International Journalism Fellowship (2007-2008) and Stanford Knight Journalism Fellowship (2009-2010). Paul coordinated investigative departments for publications such as Evenimentul Zilei and Jurnalul Național, and has reported on major corruption cases, like Roșia Montană, Rafo case, Voiculescu-Crescent and others.


Alice Agneskirchner

Alice Agneskirchner is working as an Author and Director for Cinema and TV and Commercial Industrial films since 1994. She studied Ethnology, Politics and Dramatic Arts in Munich, Germany and in 1989 she attended the Directing Class at University of Film and Television in Potsdam-Babelsberg, where she graduated with first class honours. From 2003 – 2007 she gave lectures at the Academy of Film in Ludwigsburg. Since 2011 she is a member of the German Film Academy. Her long running documentary film “An Apartment in Berlin” got worldwide attention after its premiere in 2013 hosted by the Cultural Secretary of Berlin.

Laurent Carozza

Laurent is an archaeographer at the French National Center for Scientific Research – CNRS and the Institute of Ecology and Environment (INEE). He is responsible for international projects that include Dobrogea, such as Taraschina and PHC Brancusi, with the archaeological mission of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, with the following theme: Society and environment during the Neolithic period and the system of the three epochs in the Danube Delta.

Radu Corniciuc

Radu Corniciuc is a journalist, member of Casa Jurnalistului- a community of young reporters who set the foundations for new journalism in Romania. He has written articles and made films for the national and international press. In 2015, he won, along with a team of journalists from Channel 4 News, awards like Amnesty International, One World Media Award and the Royal Television Society Award – for a movie about orphans living in the underground of Bucharest.

Dan Cogălniceanu

He is a full professor at the University Ovidius, Constanța, and a visiting professor at Central European University, Budapest. He has published several books on environmental issues and has worked on a variety of projects involving wetlands and on estimators of species richness. He is also involved in environmental policy implementation and conservation, and management of endangered species.

Fabian Daub

Fabian Daub was born in Aachen, Germany, in 1972. He graduated from the Hamburg School of Arts. He directed the short movies Left Behind (2008) and Scharrenhauser Architecture (2010), in addition to the documentary Rosia Montana – Town on the Brink (2012). Transilvania Mea – Winners and Losers is his second feature film and will be screened at Pelicam.

Lise Hendrix

Lise  graduated from the School of Fine Arts in her hometown, then studied media production in Norway. Lise started working with pictures through photography. He taught and practised analogue photography techniques during her art studies and is self-educated in digital photography. Her filmmaking studies in Norway have introduced her to the art of motion picture as another way of playing with images.

Tuna Kaptan

Tuna Kaptan was born in Munich of Turkish parentage. After having worked in Fatih Akin’s production The Edge of Heaven, he began studying Media, Theatre and Romance studies at the University of Bayreuth. He studied film directing at the University of Television and Film in Munich. His most recent film Turtle Shells is in the Shorts Competition of the festival.

Salvo Manzone

Salvo Manzone is based in France and Italy and works as engineer and film director on audiovisual projects. In 2001 he founded Epinoia, a production company. He worked with Franco Maresco on Io sono Tony Scott (2008) and directed the documentary, La crociera delle bucce di  banana (2012), the first part of a multiseries project on waste disposal.

His latest feature Through My Rear Window is in the Fresh Perspectives competition.

Taylan Mintaș

Taylan was born in Kars. He graduated from Marmara University, Department of Fine Arts. He has been interested in cinema deeply since and was appointed as the art consultant of many short movies. He was the director of photography of his first documentary Freak in 2001 which he co-directed with Erol Mintaş. He is currently working in his own workshop (Filming and Interdisciplinary Contemporary Arts) in Istanbul.

His most recent documentary Brothers Of Silence is in the Black Sea Docs

Cristian Mititelu-Răileanu

Cristian Mititelu-Răileanu is a nature photographer and expert on freshwater projects at WWF Romania. He works mainly in the Danube Delta area, where he is also a local coordinator for WWF Romania.

Stanislaw Mucha

Polish director Stanislaw Mucha was born in 1970, in Nowy Targ, but he now lives and works in Germany. Stanislaw makes films about Europe and what is thought to be Europe. Bizarre figures and amusing stories populate his films and, despite all the absurdities, Mucha manages to avoid making the protagonists appear ridiculous. He has created documentaries such as The Centre, Absolute Warhola or Tristia: A Black Sea Odyssey which had won Black Sea Docs Award in 2015. This year, he is back at Pelicam with his latest documentary Kolyma – Road of Bones, present in the Black Sea Docs competition.

Corina Murafa

Corina Murafa is an energy policy expert with many years of experience in multinational companies, international organizations and think tanks. She was a consultant for the World Bank and the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, the Ministry of Public Finance and other institutions, and also worked with the Ministry of Energy, the United Nations Development Program, Deloitte, OMV Petrom, the Romanian Academic Society. She studied in Buchares, Berlin and New York, and has a Master in European Economic Policies from Hertie

Mălin Mușatescu

Mălin Mușatescu is the governor of the Administration  of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve since 2017. He has worked as a director of photography and filmmaker for Fish & Hunting Channel, being also a founder and chief editor of three magazines about fishing. He worked as a journalist, being a member of the magazines Academia Catavencu and Caţavencii.

Mihai Petrescu

Mihai is a biologist and researcher at the Institute of Eco-Museum Research .from Tulcea He is the author of volumes such as Dobrogea and the Danube Delta: Conservation of Flora and Habitats or Miraculous Realms in Dobrogea and the Danube Delta (in collaboration with Victor Bortaş), but also a producer of nature photography exhibitions.

Marco Pizzuti

Born in 1971, in Rome, Marco is a former army officer, scientific researcher and writer, with a PhD in law. He published texts that became international bestsellers and has been translated in 18 countries. He worked at the most prestigious institutions of the Italian state, such as the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate of the Republic and the State Council. As far as the popularization of science is concerned, he collaborates with the Energy Museum and during TEDxBologna 2011 set a new world record of efficiency for remote transmission of a naked electric current, applying exclusively the Tesla technology from the late 1800s.

Raul Pop

Raul is a consultant and an environmental activist. His professional activity in the business area is complemented by his active involvement with civil society, in developing a practical side of environmental education, in developing public policies in the United Nations Development Program, together with Romanian public institutions. In 2016, he was a Secretary of State in the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests.

Vlad Săcăleanu

His passion for cinema started in his childhood and now he has the chance to translate all his visions through film and video production. It all started from his decision to start a Master in Media Production in Norway. There, motivation and his new passion for film made him combine two types of filming: film and sports.

Mihai Stoica

Mihai is a journalist and photo reporter, a graduate of Communication Sciences, with a master in Social and Cultural Anthropology. His media activity involves investigating and documenting social and environmental issues for media and NGOs in Romania and internationally. In 2013, he started working as an environmental activist and researcher on sustainable transport and bioenergy issues with 2Celsius – an environmental NGO he co-founded in 2010.

Oleksandr Techynskyi

Oleksandr was born in 1979 in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, but spent his childhoon in the Sakha Republic (known as Yakutia) at the far east of Russia. He has graduated from Dnipropetrovsk Medical College in 1999, then worked as a medical assistant in a psychiatric emergency team. In 2001 he has left medicine and started to work as a freelance photographer, collaborating with various publications. In 2010 he has left the journalistic world and focused on his own documentary projects. As Oleksandr came to filmmaking from photography and is always a DoP in his own films, strong cinematography is one of distinctive features of his work.

His latest feature Delta  is part of Black Sea Docs.

Daan Veldhuizen

Daan studied Audiovisual Arts at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and has since worked  as a director, cameraman and editor. After primarily making fiction films based on true events, he changed course and started making documentaries with a powerful visual narrative approach.

John Webster

John Webster is a writer and director born in 1967 in Helsinki to English teachers who moved to Finland. In 1996 John graduated from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki with an MA in documentary filmmaking. Since 1990 he has been directing independent documentaries that have won numerous awards both nationally and internationally.

His most recent documentary Little Yellow Boots will be screened at Pelicam.