Alegeri alimentare neinspirate (Unsupported Food Choices) shows us, based on solid documentation, what goes into our body with food, how the food industry affects us and the environment and what choices can we make so that we can enjoy the benefits of food.

Born in 1971, in Rome, Marco is a former army officer, scientific researcher and writer, with a PhD in law. He published texts that became international bestsellers and has been translated in 18 countries. He worked at the most prestigious institutions of the Italian state, such as the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate of the Republic and the State Council. As far as the popularization of science is concerned, he collaborates with the Energy Museum and during TEDxBologna 2011 set a new world record of efficiency for remote transmission of a naked electric current, applying exclusively the Tesla technology from the late 1800s.

The event will take place on 23 June 2018. The event is carried out with the participation of the publisher Seneca, who translated the volume into Romanian.