A constant partner of the Pelicam festival, the SNK Association will organize through Seneca EcoLogos five workshops for children aged 7 to 12, during the tenth edition of the festival.

You may have heard of Seneca Anticafe, the place where time is the most precious resource; or of the Seneca Publishing House and its environmental book collection, printed on recycled paper; or of the Seneca EcoLogos Ecological Education Center.

All three are projects of the SNK Association.

Seneca EcoLogos is a manifestation of what concerns us – to learn to be better with ourselves and everything that surrounds us, so that we can live well together. Here we organize trainings that help you save resources and reduce the ecological footprint, be it your own, your company’s or of the educational institution in which you work.

The workshops will be organized at “Seneca Anticafe”, 1, Arhitect Ion Mincu street, in Bucharest. The workshops are limited to 17 participants. There is no participation fee, but registration by mail is required.

The guides of the five workshops will be Alexandra Teleucă, Monica Șerban and Anastasia Staicu

Registration at [email protected]

-Workshop 1, Saturday 16 Oct. at 11 am – The perch and the Ecological Footprint (about intensive fishing and compulsive men) -Workshop 2, Sunday 17 Oct. at 11 am – Tutankhamon and the Food Pyramid (about responsible eating) -Workshop 3, Wednesday 20 Oct. at 11 am – Dinosaurs in our bathtub (about the water circuit in nature) -Workshop 4, Saturday 23 Oct. at 11 am – What’s the matter with CO2? (about the Anthropocene and Climate change) -Workshop 5, Sunday 24 Oct. at 11 am – My city and Eco-Habits (calling out pollution)

The Seneca workshops within the Pelicam festival are made with the support of Orange. All events will take place according to Covid regulations, if there are restrictions on organising events in physical format, the workshops will take place online.