Xavier Deleu



  • 2019Message in a bottle
  • 2019Cannabis: quand le deal est légal
  • 2017Infrarouge
  • 2016Duels
  • 2016Le monde en face
  • 2014Le revers de la médaille
  • 2012-2013Spécial investigation
  • 2009Les héros sacrifiés du 11 septembre
  • 2008Le doc du dimanche
  • 2007Les tabous de...
  • 2004Lundi investigation
  • 2003Piégés par Staline
  • 2002Rollers, quand le monde roule
  • 2001Marie, mère des apparitions

Director Story

Director and director of photography, Xavier Deleu has a Master’s in history (from University of Leicester) and a diploma from the prestigious journalism school, the Centre de Formation des Journalistes. Author and director of many documentaries, he is now finishing two films, one on domestic violence for France 5, the other about the “reverse of the medal” for Arte. He is always thinking about narrative forms, and has alternated directing with filming cultural or artistic documentaries, such as Warhol, an American prophet.