French culture will be revealed to movie lovers who will come to Pelicam – International Film Festival on Environment and People (20-23 June, Tulcea) through a series of events taking place during the cultural season Romania – France 2019. The program includes a special selection dedicated to documentary filmmaking from France: recent productions, as well as meetings with French directors, producers and environmental specialists included in the series Pelicam Talks – environmental discussions with the Pelicam audience, which have become an essential part of the festival in recent years.

Today’s choices will outline the natural landscapes of tomorrow, especially the forests. Presented at the prestigious Locarno Film Festival, where it received the Semaine de la critiquw, the documentary The Time of Forests/Le Temps de Forêts (France, 2018) depicts the state of the forests in France: idyllic and energetic landscapes that are under a process of aggressive industrialization, for years now. French director François-Xavier Drouet will come to Pelicam for a discussion with the audience on Forests and their resourcesPelicam Talk, giving a personal insight into the situation in France.

Because protecting the forests is a mission that does not know territorial limits and is a an extremely important topic in Romania at the moment, the Pelicam Talk on Forests and Their Resources will have a wider framework of discussion with the participation of Greenpeace Romania. Among the guests taking part in the debate are Romana Puiuleţ, co-founder of Rise Project.

How did the tomato turn out to be a vegetable on which to build a huge industry and what effects has the global tomato market? We find out from the French documentary: The Empire of Red Gold (2017), while The Carnivore’s dilemma (France, 2018) comes with a broad view of the consumption of meat: industrial patterns that will never succeed in harmonizing with the natural world, and the sustainable alternatives that would deeply transform this market. Both films will be the starting point of another Pelicam Talk debate on Intensive Farming. A special guest to this discussion is specialist Jean-Guy Henckel, one of the most famous organic farmers in France, the founder of the national network, Réseau Cocagne, through which he managed to create a market for the benefit of small, local farmers practicing sustainable agriculture, but also for the benefit of consumers who opt for organic and local fruit and vegetables.

 The state of forests and alternatives for intensive farming are not the only topics tackled by Pelicam Talks this year. Pelicam audience will be able to gain new views on climate issues by taking part in the Pelicam Talk on Climate Change, with François Dulac, a French expert in environmental engineering, who is coordinating an international project on atmospheric chemistry. From Romania, will be present Bogdan Gioară, the founder of Reper 21, an organization set up to promote the principles of sustainable development.

Also part of the French film selection is the documentary Wetlands / Zones Humides (France, 2017). The film aims to mobilize a whole army of hydrologists, technicians, farmers, biologists, and ecologists who want to revitalize a special area rich in water resources and biodiversity: parts of the French region of Tarn et Garonne. Director Boris Claret will come to Pelicam accompanied by Isabelle Dario, film editor.


Antonin Haddad, the director of France’s leading environmental film festival: FReDD (Film Research and Sustainable Development) will come to Pelicam as a member of the jury of the Black Sea Docs competition – dedicated to documentaries produced in countries around the Black Sea, but also as the French partner of the Pelicam festival. This year, Pelicam and FReDD festivals are in a cultural exchange that supports the visibility of the Romanian and French films about the environment: Intersections – environment, artistic and scientific culture, PELICAM (Tulcea) and FReDD (Toulouse).


The interest of Pelicam in French culture extends beyond cinema. For the 5th consecutive year, Pelicam organizes a radio journalism workshop in partnership with the International Organization of the Francophonie and the French Regional Center for Advanced Research in Social Sciences at the University of Bucharest. 10 students and young journalists from 23 French-speaking countries, will make radio reports about the environment in the Danube Delta, transmitted live from Pelicam. Radio Pelicam will have daily online transmissions.

The selection of films dedicated to French documentary filmmaking, as well as the meetings with French filmmakers and environmental specialists are made possible through the Romania-France Cultural Season 2019.