Everything that we do, everything that surrounds or sustains our lives is intimately connected with our nature and environment. Whether we are talking about forests, waters, meadows, agricultural areas or even urban areas, each represents an ecosystem, that is, the totality of the organisms with their environment and the relationships between them. These ecosystems provide us with a range of services or goods that support human well-being and not only.

The photo exhibition illustrates the main ecosystems we find in Romania and the services they offer. Thus, you will enter the wild world of forests, wetlands, idyllic grasslands and farming areas, where each ecosystem will unveil and present to you the goods it provides through ecosystem services of supply (food, construction materials), maintenance (CO2 storage, flood protection, protection against erosion or landslides, water filtration, pollination) and cultural (recreational, artistic, sporting, scientific or research activities).

A good understanding of the ecosystems and their services is essential in the decision-making process and in the development of public policies that pursue sustainable development within the limits of nature.

The exhibition will be available from 21 to 24 June, in the Jean Bart Cultural Center.

This photo exhibition is part of the project “Demonstration and promotion of natural values to support the decision-making process in Romania”, implemented by the National Environmental Protection Agency, in partnership with the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, WWF-Romania and the Romanian Space Agency.