Guests 2019

Kurt Langbein

Born in 1953, Kurt Langbein holds a degree in Sociology from Vienna University. Between 1979 and 1989 he was a documentary filmmaker and feature journalist with ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) and since 1992 he is a CEO, producer and director at Langbein & Partner Media. In 2011 he was awarded the Leopold Ungar Prize for his TV documentary The Sense of Endowment, and in 2013 he received the Axel Corti Award for Service Excellence in Broadcasting and TV. His film Utopia:Revisited will be screened in the Fresh Perspectives competition.

Alexandra Westmeier

Alexandra Westmeier studied theatre and film making at the Drama Academy in St. Petersburg and Moscow. She has lived in Germany since 2001. She initially worked as a reporter for television, then began to concentrate on making documentary films. Lost Reactor is her most recent film that premiered at IDFA (2018); the documentary is part of the Black Sea Docs competition.

Andriy Lytvynenko

Andriy Lytvynenko received a degree in film and theatre directing from the Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Film and Television University in 2012. He was the author of the idea and one of the directors of the Beyond the Euro film almanac about the Euro-2012 World Football Championship. He has participated in the anthologies Ukrainian Voices, Euromaidan. Rough Cut, and Kyiv from Dusk till Dawn. In 2013, he received a Gaude Polonia grant and studied at the documentary studio of the Wajda School in Warsaw. He came up with the idea for The Trial. The State of Russia vs. Oleg Sentsov. His latest documentary, Askania Reserve, is part of the Black Sea Docs competition.

Cem Hakverdi

Cem Hakverdi was born in Istanbul, in 1982. He received his BA in Television Journalism from İstanbul Bilgi University.  In 2012, he recieved his MA degree in Cinema from Marmara University. His MA research topic was Propaganda and Popular Cinema.  In 2018, he recieved his PhD in Cinema. His thesis topic was Alienation Reflected on the Movie Screen. He is now working as a lecturer in İstanbul Bilgi University. He has also been working on audio-visual projects as a film editor and director of photography. His most recent work, Dog Movie, will be screened in the Black Sea Docs competition.


Romana Puiulet

Romana Puiulet is co-founder of Rise Project and Investigative Journalist at the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project. Specializing in video investigations, she conducted TV documentaries on environmental problems, resource, food, tax evasion or land grabbing issues. She documented investigations such as AIDS, an infected auction (about a 450 million euro auction that proved to be tricked and canceled following the investigation), “Premeditated Robbery,” “Dripping Mafia,” “The Horsemeat Scandal “or” Veggie Scam.” She is the co-producer of Killers Inc. and the creator of Clear Cut Crimes (Superscription of 2016) and Cement’s Dirty Business.

Boris Claret

Boris Claret. His film work focuses on social issues, development and the environment. He collaborates for ten years with the production structures: Lapilli Films, Films de la Castagne and with the association of film education La Trame. His work on deforestation and renewable energies in the Sahel (1999/2007) led him to carry out missions of international expertise in communication on energy and the environment.

François-Xavier Drouet

François-Xavier Drouet, born in 1980, has done a MA degree in documentary filmmaking at Lussas, after studying social sciences. He lives and works on the Millevaches plateau, where part of The Time Of Forests was shot. He is also co-author with Teboho Edkins of Gangster Project (2011), and Gangster Backstage (2013).

Isabelle Dario

Isabelle Dario is a documentary filmmaker who focuses on environmental, architectural, historical and cultural issues. In parallel, she works as an editor, collaborating with loyal directors, but also with young filmmakers to whom she shares her experience of over 30 years of documentary writing and filmmaking. She has been regularly asked to share her expertise in various academic and professional training sessions.

Bogdan Gioară

Bogdan Gioară is the president of REPER 21. He studied Political Science at University of Geneva and founded an association that promotes sustainable development and proposes new models of production and consumption; REPER21 is an acronym for the European Network for Promoting a Responsible Economy. Bogdan currently coordinates the Societal project, through which he has developed a network of over 300 NGOs across the country, creating social responsibility tools and applying them to NGO projects.

Szőcs-Boruss Miklós-Attila

Attila Szőcs is a young peasant and the president of the Eco Ruralis Association – In Support of Peasant Farming. Being concerned with the impact of industrial agriculture on the environment and the deterioration of rural space, at Eco Ruralis, Attila studied the problem of land grabbing in Romania and Eastern Europe, and coordinates the association’s programme on peasants right to land. With master studies in environmental protection in agriculture, Attila brings forth the Eco Ruralis’ mission to promote peasant agroecology as a practical and political solution to feed mankind, in a green and fair manner.

Anamaria Pravicencu

Anamaria Pravicencu is a co-founder of The Half Full Association (Jumătatea plină), promoting musical and sound experiments through constant and varied programmed (Sonic Saturday, Semi Silent, Her Voice, Sound Week, Sonic Future Residencies) and creating soundtracks.

George Vlad

George Vlad is a sound designer and a composer who is travelling around the world recording sounds. He is involved in projects on ecology, nature conservation and wildlife protection. He lives in Scotland, UK.

François Dulac

François Dulac is from the French laboratory LSCE on environmental and climate sciences. He is also the coordinator of an international programme on atmospheric chemistry and its impact in the Mediterranean Region.


Jean-Baptiste Malet

Author of investigations, JeanBaptiste Malet collaborates with Le Monde diplomatique. He has directed several books and documentaries, including a survey of Amazon (In the Amazon) and another on the geopolitics of industrial tomato concentrate (The Empire of Red Gold), translated into several languages. The latter has received the Albert London Prize in 2018 and is the basis for his documentary film, together with Xavier Deleu.