Guests 2020

Floor van der Meulen

Floor van der Meulen studied Audiovisual Design at the Rotterdam WdkA Art Academy and the School of Visual Arts in New York. In 2014, she made her international debut with her documentary Storming Paradise(50min), broadcast by Al Jazeera Channel and ZDF a.o. and screened at numerous international film festivals including DOK Leipzig. Her film 9 Days – From My Window In Aleppo (2015) was selected for International Film Festival Rotterdam, DOK Leipzig, won Best Short Film at the BFI Film Festival London, and picked up, after 85+ festival selections, the Best European Short Film Award at the 29th European Film Awards. Her 45min drama In Exile (2016) was nominated for two Dutch Academy Awards and won the award for Best Actress. The Last Male On Earth is her feature length documentary debut.


Bettina Borgfeld

Bettina is an author and director of documentary films since 2004. Her film “Raising Resistance”, about the soy industry in Paraguay, has won several international prizes, e.g. the Prix SRG SSR Best Swiss Film at the Visions du Réel in Nyon.


Holly Morris

Holly Morris is an American author, documentary director/producer and television presenter. Her articles have been published in The New York Times Book Review, More, Slate, The Daily Telegraph, and other publications. Her films explore the lives of risk-taking, contemporary women around the globe; including, Behind Closed Chad-ors (Iran), Holy Cow (India), Mana Wahines (New Zealand) and Paradox Found (Cuba) – all broadcast on PBS, and internationally, as part of her Adventure Divas documentary series. Her award-winning journalism on the Babushkas of Chernobyl (2011), also published as A Country of Women, and The Women Living in Chernobyl’s Toxic Wasteland, is also the subject of her popular TED Talk. Her story the subculture of illegal ‘Stalkers’ inside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone was originally published in Slate.


Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė

Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė works as filmmaker and theatre director, based in Lithuania. She completed her MA in Screen Documentary at Goldsmiths, London (2013), BA in Cinematography (2006) and Theatre directing (2008) in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. In her creative works, Rugile explores the gap between objective and imagined realities, while challenging an anthropocentric way of thinking in a playful way. Prior to Acid Forest, Rugile has directed four short films and two contemporary operas (Have a Good Day! and Sun and Sea), which brought 6 prestigious awards for the creative team and are still touring around the world. Rugile is one of the three artists who will represent Lithuania for the Venice Biennale of Art in 2019.

Fredrick Gertten

Fredrik Gertten is an award-winning Swedish filmmaker, producer and journalist. In 1994, he founded WG Film, a production company based in Malmö. Nowadays, he combines filmmaking with his role as a creative producer. His films have reached an audience in more than 100 countries. In 2015, Aktuell Hållbarhet named Gertten as one of the 45 most environmentally influential persons in Sweden.

Martin Páv

Martin received a degree from FAMU in Directing Fiction, but soon after he started focusing on documentaries. His debut film Vote for Kibera won the Audience Award at the Ji.hlava IDFF in 2018. Martin is now studying for his PhD degree at the Institute of Interna-tional Relations where he dedicates his work to the postcolonial identity of slums and cities in countries belonging to the Global South.

Eroll Bilibani

Photographer and film producer, he develops educational programmes in which cinema and storytelling are the means to a greater understanding of complex questions and the promotion of social development. Through DokuLab he curates education projects for young persons, which are distributed via DokuFest’s Traveling Solar Cinema. He was the executive producer of Daniel Mulloy’s BAFTA winning short Home (2016) and a producer of Samir Karahoda’s short In Between (2019) shown at the most recent Berlinale and the 2020 EFA award candidate.

Joe Holles

Joe Holles is a Anglo-Mallorcan activist, writer, producer who works in the fields of tourism, agriculture and tech, always through the optic of sustainability. He currently combines his work managing the landscape regeneration project of Son Moragues, Mallorca, with his work with some of the island’s most important think-tanks and NGOs. Hot topics now are: facilitating economic transition in times of crisis, profitable sustainability and design thinking.

Christian Baumgartner

Prof. Dr. Christian Baumgartner studied landscape ecology and is owner and CEO of response & ability. In 1995 he founded respect – Institute for Integrative Tourism and Development, and was later for a decade Secretary General of Naturefriends International. He holds a professorship for Sustainable Tourism at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons, Switzerland (formerly: HTW Chur). He has been active as university lecturer in Austria, Switzerland, Serbia and China and he is a member of numerous advisory bodies of NGOs, trade associations, EU and UN organisations.


Monica Vasile

Monica Vasile is currently working on environmental history at Maastricht University. Her project looks at the history of reintroductions of endangered species, and she is part of the research group ‘Moving Animals: A History of Science, Media and Policy in the 20th century’. Her previous research concerned the political ecology of forests, commons and pastoral practices in the Carpathian Mountains. She holds a doctorate from University of Bucharest (awarded 2008), and held research positions at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society in Munich and the Max Planck Institute of Social Anthropology in Halle.


Rosaleen Duffy

Prof. Rosaleen Duffy is teaching International Politics at the University of Sheffield, UK. She leads the BIOSEC Project, that investigates the implications of how biodiversity conservation and security are becoming integrated.  More broadly her previous work examined the politics of international conservation, including neoliberalisation of nature, global environmental governance, community based natural resource management, human-wildlife conflict and ecotourism.

Bogdan Iancu

Bogdan Iancu is a lecturer at the Department of Sociology of the Faculty of Political Sciences, the National School of Political and Administrative Studies, and a researcher at the Museum of the Romanian Peasant in Bucharest. In 2011 he obtained a PhD. in anthropology and ethnology at the Universita degli Studi di Perugia. He has participated in training and research internships at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Paris-X Nanterre, Universita degli Studi di Perugia, Swedish Biodiversity Center – Uppsala. He participated in field research funded by  CNCSIS, AFCN, ANCS – Wallonia Brussels International.

Irina Zamfirescu

A human rights activist, Irina has been working with the Active Watch association for over 13 years, and is the representative of OPTAR (Organization for the Promotion of Alternative Transport). Her doctoral research, developed at the University of Bucharest, focuses on social housing.

Barbara Veiga

Photographer and filmmaker Barbara Veiga unites her talent to produce film content focused on social and environmental themes. A journalist with solid international work, she has collaborated with global organizations in the impacting campaigns: “Friendly City of the Amazon” (Greenpeace), “No Compromise” (Sea Shepherd) and “Red Card to Child Labour” (/International Labour Organization) in her 20 years of experience. She is the author of the book “Seven Years On Seven Seas” (2019) and one of the founders of the movement “Women’s League for the Oceans” (2019). As a speaker and international exhibitor she was present at events such as the TED Global Conference.

Alexandra Teleucă

Subscriber to Plastic Free July team and the EcoLogos representative at the running competitions. Accredited trainer, geography teacher and author of textbooks on ecology and environmental protection. Future trainer in classical psychodrama.

Monica Șerban

She becomes childish very fast when she focuses. Passionate about games of all kinds, she plays in an organized way at the EcoLogos workshops. Graduate of a pedagogical high school and the Faculty of Letters – University of Bucharest.

Tessa Viglezio

Tessa is from the Italian part of Switzerland and studies for her masters at the University of Groningen. She is currently doing research with the Netherlands Arctic Station, in Ny-Ålesund, Spitsbergen, about Barnacle Geese moult patterns in relation to warmer summers in the Arctic. She is part of the Swiss Arctic Project and one of the protagonists of the corresponding documentary Messages From The End Of The World.

Ada Ghencea

Ada is a student at the Toma Socolescu Technological High School in Ploiești where she studies Environmental Protection. She likes living in an enjoyable and clean environment. Avoiding imbalance through protecting nature is one of the things she always tries to apply and instill in the people around her. She is drawn to cinema out of her need to be in constant touch with what other people, other cultures, are doing. Her favorite activities are volunteering, watching films, photography and field trips.

Marian Ignat

Marian studies Political Science since the fall of 2019, he is a member of the coordination team of OBESSU’s #EcoFighters programme for several months, the umbrella organization that represents students in Europe, and a big cinema fan. We met him in 2018, when he came from Focșani to volunteer at Pelicam. The actions he takes to promote sustainable behaviour are personal rather than activist. He always talks about why he became a vegetarian, why he buys clothes as rarely as possible, and how he tries to use plastic as little as possible.

Mihnea Teodor Popescu

He has been an environmental activist with Fridays for Future Romania for more than a year. He organized several climate strikes in Târgu Jiu and took part in other similar events in other cities. Recently, he started coordinating Polluters Out Romania, a branch of a movement that seeks to end the fossil fuel industry lobbying in governments, banks, parliaments and international bodies. He is particularly interested in the connections between the current climate crisis and other social justice issues.