Str. Gr. Antipa 2, Tulcea 820017


The Museum of Art (initially named “Conacul Pasei) is situated in a historical monument building, built around 1862 – 1865, and holds an exceptional cultural patrimony (painting collections, sculptures, religious icons, oriental art, decorative art and graphics by local and foreign artists). It’s the perfect place to discover and take in the oriental flavor and atmosphere of the city of Tulcea and the Dobrogea area.

After its recent rehabilitation, the museum is another landmark of the city of Tulcea. It will also host movie projections within the Pelicam Film Festival, during the weekend (Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th).

The Museum Of Art is located at the base of the hill that leads to Tulcea’s famous monument, that dominates the entire city, the river Danube.

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