For four days, Pelicam – The International Film Festival on Environment and People attends the main environmental film festival in France: FReDD (Film Research and Sustainable Development), which takes place between 10-20 April 2019 in Toulouse,  as part of a partnership sustaining the visibility of Romanian and French environmental documentaries:  Intersections – environment, artistic and scientific culture, Pelicam (Tulcea) and FReDD (Toulouse).

By joining FReDD, the Pelicam team will present to French audiences 4 Romanian documentaries previously screened at Pelicam: “Cabbage, Potatoes and Other Demons”, “Petrila Planet”, in the presence of the protagonist, artist Ion Barbu, “Swamp Dialogues”, followed by a Q&A with director Ildiko Plajas and “Tarzan’s Testicles”. The purpose of the event is to bring a new perspective on Romanian documentaries, to discuss and connect the Romanian environmental challenges to the European context, followed in June by another event in Tulcea, at Pelicam festival, where the FReDD team will present to Romanian audiences three environmental documentaries from France, followed by Q&As with film directors and environmental specialists, structured as a special section of Pelicam 2019: Focus France.  

Pelicam will also introduce FReDD audiences to a photo exhibition by Romanian photographer Mihai Stoica: “The mining side of Gorj“: a visual story of the harrowing impact that the mining industry has upon the Romanian people living along the Jiu river and the forests in the area, encouraging a debate on how such a story integrates in the wider landscape of ecological challenges that Romania currently faces. The exhibition will remain open for one month.

The cultural exchange between the two festivals, Pelicam and FReDD takes place within the  Romania-France 2019 Season – a project initiated by the two states with the purpose of renewing the image and perception that the two countries have about one other, thus contributing to tighten the cultural, scientific and economic ties between Romania and France, through the culture of environmental films.

Both Pelicam and FReDD are part of Green Film Network, the international network reuniting 40 environmental film festivals around the world, Pelicam being the only one from Romania