Pelicam, the International Film Festival on Environment and People has reached the seventh edition which will take place this year between 21 and 24 June, in Tulcea. The most important festival in Romania on this topic comes with a fresh selection of environmental documentaries internationally acclaimed, as well as debates, workshops, concerts in the five locations of the festival.

A novelty this year is the colaboration between Pelicam and Greenpeace Romania, which are releasing together, during the festival, a new song using the sounds of the forrests, part of the campaign The Forest Is Not A Silent Film, which can be followed on . is a platform of Greenpeace Romania, made in colaboration with Kinecto Isobar Bucharest which makes available to the public an ambient mix of real sounds recorded in the virgin forests of Romania, gathered under the album Uncut. This platform is part of Greenpeace Romania’s forest campaign whose goal is to promote a future in which we have more and better forests that today.

“According to the only official estimates made in 2005, we had at least 220.000 de hectares of virgin forests in Romania. Because since then the authorities have done nothing to save this heritage, Greenpeace Romania has coordinated in 2017 a national survey that has shown there is added potential for 300.000 hectares more of virgin forests. In order to protect them, it is necessary for each forest to be inventoried and registered in an official register called The National Catalogue of Virgin and Quasi-virgin Forests in Romania. Until then, Europe’s most valuables ecosystems home to more than 13.000 species of plants and animals are vulnerable to indifference and greed. is therefore an instrument by which we remind our citizens and authorities that it is important to protect this valuable national heritage, relevant both at an European and a world level”, saysCiprian Gălușcă, the coordinator of the forests and biodiversity campaign of Greenpeace Romania.

We encourage musicians and artists to use the ambient mix of sounds from to take forward the campaign message. Coma and The Pixels, two of the most famous bands on the Romanian alternative scene have already made two tracks using sounds from, and a new collaboration will be announced soon.

We are glad to organize for a seventh year Pelicam in Tulcea and that this year we will feel in the midst of the forest there. We will be listening together The Sounds of the Forest released together with the friends from Greenpeace Romania and, after we delight our ears, we will exercise our eyes and minds with a fresh selection of documentaries about environment and people. We will get excited, angry or happy together, in front of the screen and will carry on the message that people must live in harmony with the environment”, says Benjamin Ribout, the director of Pelicam.

Pelicam takes places this year in the most important locations of Tulcea: Jean Bart Cultural Centre, Museum of Art, Avramide House, Civic Square and Pelicam Camping, on the shore of lake Ciuperca. We are expecting this year’s public to join us for screenings, discussions, workshops, concerts and other surprise events.

The festival takes place between 21 and 24 June, but for the public in Tulcea, Pelicam will stretch over two weeks, 11 – 24 June and gets closer to people. In colaboration with Cinemobilul, Pelicam prepares a series of screenings in the schools of Tulcea, but also in the neighbourhoods of Tulcea where people can watch a refreshing documentary, under the moon, right next to their home.

One of the films set for a screening in the neighbourhoods is Untamed Romania, one of the most important Romanian environmental documentaries from recent years, released in 2018 which shows the beauty and the wilderness of our country’s biodiversity, but also the dangers waiting for it.

We invite you one the campaign’s site, as well as on to connect with the festival.