Pelicam is much more than film screenings. Like every year, we try to find answers to some of the issues raised by the films in our programme and we invite you to take part in the discussions. This year Pelicam Talks include three discussions that look into issues like climate change, waste management and the price of nature. The discussions will be moderated by Diana Meseșan, reporter for Scena9.

Climate and the future
Experts warn that human activity is gravely affecting the environment that is turning against us with extreme weather phenomena. It is necessary to transition towards clean energy, circular economy and respect for biodiversity. Are we capable of this? A question we will try to answer together with John Webster, the director of Little Yellow Boots, an emotional film about how can we provide a better world for our descendants and Corina Murafa, a specialist in climate and energy and co-president of Ashoka Foundation, an organisation promoting social entrepreneurship.

The value of waste
The waste we produce so easily is not garbage, but resources. The road of disused objects to the landfill is paved with misinformation, lack of education and incompetence. How do we change things? We will answer this question together with Salvo Manzone, the director of Through My Rear Window, a film about the relationship between people and their disused objects and with Raul Pop, a specialist in waste management.

The price of nature
Nature gives us countless benefits without which life would not be possible. We consider these to be free of charge, but the services provided by nature are very valuable. Recognising the economic benefits of nature is a step in the right direction to protect the environment or the path to transforming the nature into a commodity for sale? A question posed to our guests: Daan Veldhuizen, the director of Backlight: How Expensive Is Nature and Dan Cogălniceanu, expert in environmental services.

Pelicam Talks is an event organised with the support of Aqua Carpatica.