18.07.2020 / 18.30 / ONLINE.PELICAM.RO

Biodiversity refers to the variety of living species on Earth. Although we enjoy an extremely rich biodiversity, many species are endangered due to human activities. Nature protection, habitat restoration and rewilding, legislation and education are key factors in restoring biodiversity.

The films that will be screened online connected with the theme are:

*The Last Male On Earth (Floor van der Meulen, Netherlands, 2019) – 18.07.2020 / 17.00

*Wolves At The Borders (Martin Páv, Czech Republic, 2020) – 12.07.2020 / 17.00

*You Think The Earth Is A Dead Thing (Florence Lazar, France, 2019) – 17.07.2020 / 21.00

The panel discussion will be attended by: Prof. Rosaleen Duffy – professor at the University of Sheffield and director of the BIOSEC project, Floor van der Meulen director of the documentary The Last Male On Earth, Martin Páv director of the film Wolves At The Borders, and Dr. Monica Vasile – researcher at the University from Maastricht.