11.07.2020 / 18.30 / ONLINE.PELICAM.RO

Mass tourism industry has caused serious social, economic and ecological consequences. Many popular tourist destinations are heading for disaster. Pelicam Talks series proposes a reflection on the alternatives of this system, on new forms of tourism that respect nature, local communities and citizens’ rights.

The films that will be screened online connected to this theme are:

*Overbooking (Álex Dioscórides, Spain, 2019) – 11.07.2020 / 17.00

*The Price of Paradise (Bettina Borgfeld, Germany, 2019) – 10.07.2020 / 21.00

The speakers include: Dr. Christian Baumgartner – CEO of response & ability, Bettina Borgfeld, director of The Price of Paradise, Joe Holles, producer of the documentary Overbooking, and Laszlo Potozky, president of the Environmental Partnership Foundation.

The discussions will take place online and will be moderated by George Iordăchescu, anthropologist and researcher affiliated with BIOSEC project at the University of Sheffield.