Pelicam IFF is the first environmental film festival in Romania. The seventh edition will take place this year in Tulcea, at the gates of the Danube Delta. Pelicam IFF is a member of Green Film Network, the network gathering international environmental film festivals.

For a fourth consecutive year, Pelicam organizes a radio journalism workshop with the International Organisation of La Francophonie, the Regional Francophone Centre for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences, and the Francophone University Association.

This workshop focuses on environmental issues and this year, the participants are journalism MA and BA students, as well as young professionals from the following countries Armenia, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Turkey.

Among the themes that will be addressed this year are:

*The evolution of the Danube Delta in the last twenty years. What are the signs of this evolution? Is the Delta better protected than before or not? What are the main risks regarding the environmental degradation in the Delta?

*Is professional fishing compatible with the biosphere reserve status? Under what conditions?

*Is tourism a chance or a threat?

*Life in the Danube Delta. What are the particularities of living in a wetland like the Delta?

*The role of the inhabitants in the protection of nature in the delta. Which local practices should be maintained and which ones should be changed?

The workshop will take place in the week between 16th and 24th June 2018. The 10 journalism students and professional will be coordinated by Julien Trambouze, journalist at Radio France and journalism professor at the University of Aix-Marseille, as well as Nicolas Corradi, sound engineer, sound operator at Radio France and in charge of sound and radio workshops at the department of Journalism at Lumière University in Lyon. The radio reports produced during the workshops will be shown at Pelicam IFF and will be made available to the media partners for a wider dissemination.

The purpose of this workshop is to help the partiipants familiarize with on journalism field techniques on environmental themes. It is a continuation of the festival itself and, besides its teaching purpose, wishes to document the evolution of the environment in the Danube Delta.

This year, the workshop will have two stages: first one will take place in Sulina, and the second one in Tulcea, where the festival takes place as well, and where live radio shows will be hold – here the workshop will transform in the festival radio, with one hour of live show each day, broadcasted online.

The participants are journalism students or young professionals of under 35 years old. They will learn to write a radio project, to record sound on the ground and to edit the final report. Participants will report on a theme agreed upon by the team.