While humanity is overwhelmed by noise, and silence has become rare, we still can not see the silent transformation of the sound landscape created by creatures into an audio desert. The ubiquity of excessive noise is an inherent effect of other forms of environmental pollution, including industry, agriculture and transport, all of which lead to a deterioration in health and a rapid loss of diversity among animal populations, including insect, bird, amphibian and fish species, an essential part of the ecosystems.

Sonic Future Residencies is the second annual meeting with field recording sound artists in the form of a creation workshop in natural environments with specific sound properties. We believe that artists, through their complex practices dedicated to the development of community and interdisciplinary consciousness, are among the first to identify the places and sounds undergoing transformation, but also to have a sensitive and subtle look at what connects us to nature.

Sound artists invited by Sonic Future Residencies include Ida Hirsenfelder from Croatia, Toni Dimitrov from Macedonia, Michal Kindernay from the Czech Republic, Ana Teodora Popa and Anamaria Pravicencu from Romania, and George Vlad from the UK. After presenting their work at Pelicam festival, the artists will spend 8 days in the Danube Delta in Letea. The sound productions made in the Danube Delta will be posted on the platform www.semisilent.ro.